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DOT Services

Per DOT and FMCSA regulation, any DOT agency or California Driver who is considered to be in a "safety-sensitive" position is obligated to undergo drug and alcohol testing. Alpha Employment Testing offers services for both employers and employees that satisfy DOT, FTA and FMCSA regulations. Call our office today to discuss which plan is best for you and/or your business. 

DOT Regulation

We offer every requirement to keep your business regulated with the US Department of Transportation. We are a third-party administrator that provides consortium programs, drug & alcohol testing, reasonable suspicion supervisor's training and certification, 24 hour services, on-site testing, and much more!

Truck and Warehouse

DOT Services


Drug & Alcohol Testing

We offer a variety of drug tests that can trace different drugs. Testing is for return-to-duty, pre-employment, post-accident and more. 


On-Site Testing and 24-Hour Services

Contact us to send one of our DOT certified collectors to conduct drug and alcohol testing at your job site. We provide on-site testing during both working and off hours.


Supervisor's Training
Course & Certification

The supervisor’s training is a DOT regulated course for a businesses’ Designated Employer Representative in order to recognize drug and alcohol abuse from employees. Receive instant certification after completing our certified course.

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Per DOT regulation, California commercial driver's must be registered to Clearinghouse. Call us to sign up your company and drives to the DOT Clearinghouse.


Third-Party Consortium Program

Our third-party consortium program ensures fair random drug testing for you and your employees. Contact us to enter your drivers into our consortium pool.


Out-of-Town Drug Testing Sites

Out of town and in need of a random DOT drug test? Call us to find a compliant drug and alcohol testing facility near you.

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